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Best Modern Cloth Nappies in Australia

Posted on: November 1, 2022 by
Katharine Brennan.
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Modern Cloth Nappies Australia

There’s something reassuring about purchasing a product that has been tried and tested by Australian families, which is exactly why we only include 100% Australian owned and designed cloth nappy brands in our cloth nappy hire bundles.  We hear the chorus of families wanting to support Australian brands in a market saturated with offshore companies and we want families to experience the best of the best!

Modern cloth nappies designed by leading Australian companies

Australian cloth nappy brands are of high quality, functional and aesthetically beautiful, with local Australian artists often creating unique prints to make your baby’s bum look oh so cute. 

Most importantly we include easy to use cloth nappies so families can make the switch from using disposable nappies to reusable nappies as stress free as possible.  Our mission is to shift societies beliefs that disposable nappies are superior to reusable nappies.  We want to make the transition, fun, exciting, inspiring, and above all easy.  We know life is busy but we also know cloth nappies aren’t that much extra work (think of it like stacking and unpacking the dishwasher… you wouldn’t use disposable cutlery everyday to save you the trouble of having to do that daily chore so why are nappies any different?)

Questions about cloth nappies?

Common questions asked by families are “how many cloth nappies do I need?” and “what are the best cloth nappies?”. 

We help families find their perfect match and figure out what their favourite cloth nappy brands are before they invest long term. We also help families gauge how many cloth nappies they will use day-to-day.  Part-time, full-time, casual, at home only…. the list goes on! The best thing is, is that there’s no pressure when you utilise our service, simply hire a bundle and see how you go.

We at Australian Cloth Nappy Rental are very happy to serve every family to find their best or perfect match of nappies for their little once.

We love when our customers utilise our End Of Hire shop because not only are they able to purchase nappies at a reasonable price but it also means they are supporting the circular economy and purchasing nappies which have been pre-loved but still in excellent condition.

Being environmentally conscious is one of the core values of our business and for our customers, which is why we think it’s important to be able to deliver a cloth nappy service which truly allows it’s customers to utilise recourses already available rather than having to buy new. The environmental benefits of using cloth nappies is enormous with the reduction in household landfill as the most noted for families.

Best Australain cloth nappy brands

Modern Cloth Nappies Australia

Our range includes a wide range of Australian cloth nappy brands such as Bare and Boho, Baby Beehinds, Baby Bare, Econaps, Designer Bums, Mimi and Co, Evia Collective, Seedling Baby and Norah’s Treasures – There’s something for every baby shape and size and for every families’ needs.  Our newborn and One-Size-Fits-Most (OSFM) bundles include the cutest nappies you’ve ever seen in a range of All-In-One (AIO), All-In-Two (AI2), preflats, snap-in, pocket and fitted nappies.  We have colourful prints and beautiful solid colours in hues of sage, almond, dusty pink and blues.  You’ll be hooked in not time!

Modern Cloth Nappies are becoming increasingly popular with Australian families looking to start their family with sustainability in mind.  Reusable nappies not only have a smaller environmental footprint than disposable nappies, they also align with low tox living principles.  By using cloth nappies you can easily minimise toxins, perfumes, additives and plastics sitting against your baby’s skin which I think we can all agree has got to be a good thing!

We honestly can’t make it any easier. 

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