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Best Dry Pail for Modern Cloth Nappies

Posted on: December 9, 2022 by
Katharine Brennan.
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Dry pail for modern cloth nappies

You’re confused about using a “dry pail” for storing modern cloth nappies.

Trust us we know! It’s one of the most asked questions we get. So let us take you through why we don’t recommend soaking nappies anymore and let us introduce you to the wonderful world of dry pailing!

Soaking nappies is a thing of the past!

Modern Cloth Nappies Australia

You might have spoken to your mum, mother in law or aunt about using reusable nappies and they may have mentioned something about soaking cloth nappies in a cold poo/wee soup with Napisan and bleach in a lidded nappy bucket. Of course they were using terry cloth preflats, a hardy and almost indestructible material when it comes to washing. They weren’t dealing with layers of bamboo, hemp or microfiber sewed into a pad shape now found in the new “Modern Cloth Nappies” of today. The absorbent pads found in Modern Cloth Nappies are more complex in terms of having multiple absorbent layers and are aimed to be trim in the groin, highly absorbent and don’t require origami like folds in the middle of the night. However, due to these multiple layers they are more susceptible to bacteria build up and ammonia than the terry cloth preflats of yesteryear. Soaking nappies also degrades the PUL, fabric and elastic used in modern reusable nappies. Previous generations also didn’t have access to the sophisticated and water efficient washing machines that we have today, a luxury they would have dreamed of!

What is a dry pail for Modern Cloth Nappies?

Dry pailing requires a bucket or basket with more holes than sides to allow for maximum airflow. The Dry Pail is where you store your nappies after the pre wash.  

Why dry pail your cloth nappies?

Modern Cloth Nappies Australia

Using a Cloth Nappy Dry Pail system is the new normal!

The aim is to keep your nappies as dry as possible until they are put through the main wash cycle, this helps prevent ammonia, bacteria and mould growth. Despite common belief, an open and airy bucket will allow smells to dissipate. Just think, you wouldn’t leave a pile of wet clothing sitting in a closed basket so why do that with nappies!v

The best dry pail for cloth nappies

Plastic or plastic coated wire baskets are the best option in our opinion as they have the additional benefit of being able to be wiped down and cleaned when needed and they won’t rust. We also love ones with wheels on the bottom to allow for airflow from underneath too. We hire and sell dry pails with our Cloth Nappy Hire Bundles. There are plenty of options out there and we’re always happy to help you find the best solution!

So lets summarise all this for you……..


5 reasons to dry pail your cloth nappies

  1. Reduce the work load of using reusable nappies! Dry pailing is easy and means you won’t be dealing with a bucketful of human waste floating around.
  2. Prolong the life of your nappies. Soaking cloth nappies can degrade the PUL, elastics and fabric used in Modern Cloth Nappies.
  3. Reduce the risk of bacteria, mould and ammonia (it’s a pain to remove and will require you to sanitise your nappies if it occurs and increases the risk of nappy rash and ammonia burn).
  4. Having a bucket full of water sitting around is a drowning hazard for toddlers.
  5. Keep smells in the laundry to a minimum. Dry pailing allows smells to dissipate in the air, leaving your laundry smelling fresh!

Cloth Nappy Dry Pail

And if that sounds confusing, get in touch. We provide a wash routine with all our hire bundles to make the transition to cloth nappies as easy as possible!