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When to start using cloth nappies?

Posted on: August 4, 2022 by
Laura McConville.
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When to start using cloth nappies

As long as your child is wearing nappies then it’s the perfect time to start using cloth nappies! We provide several different nappy hire options on timing. When to start newborn nappy hire comes down to personal preference and your motivation levels. Our newborn nappy hire packs contain SIZED newborn nappies, not OSFM, so you know they will fit (and are so much easier to use!)

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For those families who don’t want to use ANY disposables.

For those families who don’t want to use ANY disposables, they can hire a bundle from us that will get sent two weeks before their EDD which is (hopefully) before bubs arrives! If they do come early, just get in touch with us and we will send ASAP. If your baby is premature, our nappy library has nappies that fit from 1.2 kgs, so we can still help and you can start ASAP! Most hospitals require families to provide their own nappies now, so it doesn’t really matter what type you use – disposable or cloth (an exception being that if your baby has to have a stay in the special care nursery they normally don’t allow cloth nappies).

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Newborn nappy hire

The other timing option we provide for newborn nappy hire is starting two weeks after birth. In our personal and professional experience leaving it later than 2 weeks is a recipe for self doubt, fear and full scale overwhelm – just dive right in and we will be here to hold your hand….digitally! Also, bubs might just outgrow the newborn nappies too quickly and you won’t get your moneys worth! You let us know when your baby has arrived and we send them!

We suggest you don’t wait any longer than two weeks as the newborn specific sized nappies we provide may not fit past 2 months of age. You also risk overthinking using cloth nappies, so just start!

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Nappies for older babies

For older babies you can wait until they are approximately 5kgs so they can fit into one size fits most (OSFM) nappies. If they are around 5kgs we can send a mix of small sized nappies, bigger newborn nappies and OSFM nappies so you get to try an extensive range of brands and styles to see what works for your family and for your baby.

Intro To Cloth Nappies

Using cloth nappies for babies at any age or weight

Starting at any age or weight: you simply let us know how much your baby weighs and how old and we tailor a package for you with OSFM and sized options. The older your baby is, the less frequently you will need to change them (as their bladder size increases they do less frequent but bigger wees, compared to a newborn or smaller baby that does very frequent small volume wees.) You won’t need as many nappies compared to the newborn stage.

Whenever you choose to start, know that every cloth nappy you use is saving a disposable one from sitting in landfill for up to 500 years! We are here to help you every step of the way, and you should feel confident knowing that over 93% of our clients continue to use modern cloth nappies once their hire has finished.

Cloth Nappy Library Hire

As long as your child is wearing nappies then it’s the perfect time to start using cloth nappies. Hire our newborn cloth nappies from our nappy library and receive support along the way!