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Cloth Nappy Library Services

Posted on: August 22, 2022 by
Laura McConville.
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Have you ever wanted to use a cloth nappy library but didn’t know how to start? Have you been googling, investigating and researching how to make the switch from disposable nappies to reusable nappies but ended up confused and overwhelmed? Or maybe your baby hasn’t arrived yet but you want to start cloth nappies with your newborn? Our cloth nappy library service is for you! 

Starting cloth nappies doesn’t need to be overwhelming or scary

Please read, re-read and re-read again, starting cloth nappies doesn’t need to be overwhelming or scary!!!

Hire a variety of leading Australian branded cloth nappies with ongoing support and advice from us. We’re a cloth nappy service (similar to a cloth nappy library), which has hire bundles to help families’ transition to using cloth nappies easily and stress free. Try a mixed pack of reusable nappies for 6 weeks so you can find the perfect brand and style to suit yours and your baby’s needs. We even include a personalised printed wash routine specific to your washing machine and detergent with your cloth nappy pack. When you have found the nappy you love, you can buy your stash in our retail store or in our secret End of Hire shop for a discounted price, we also stock cloth nappy accessories such as reusable liners, wet bags, dry pails and reusable cloth wipes. It doesn’t get any easier!

Cloth Nappy Library Melbourne
Cloth Nappy Library Service Australia

Try a mixed pack of reusable nappies for 6 weeks so you can find the perfect brand and style to suit yours and your baby’s needs.

Our cloth nappy library has a bundle to suit your unique needs

Whether you want to try part time or full time, night nappies or start with your newborn baby or wait until they are a bit older. Over 6 weeks you will master the ropes of reusable cloth nappy use and find your favourite brands and styles with support from us for the whole time! For newborn nappy hire we recommend booking in advance to secure your bundle for your due date, they will arrive at 39 weeks (or earlier if need be) to your door in a range of the cutest prints for the tiniest of bottoms. Over 95% of our customers continue to use cloth nappies long term after their hire period! We truly believe that with ongoing support, using modern cloth nappies is achievable for anyone. At the end of the day the washing machine does most of the work, no more scrubbing, soaking or safety pins! Once you’ve mastered your washing routine, using coth nappies becomes second nature, easy and part of your daily life, most of our customers even say they enjoy washing their nappies (I know you don’t believe it, but it’s true!!!), there’s no need for a nappy laundry service when you get the satisfaction of perfectly washed nappies hanging on your washing line with ease!

We only stock premium Australian branded reusable nappies such as Baby Beehinds, Bare and Boho, Baby Bare, Bubblebubs, Econaps, Evia Collective, Designer Bums, Seedling Baby and Norah’s Treasures. We are passionate about supporting Australian brands and we are reassured knowing we only stock cloth nappies that are designed in Australia and made with ethical manufacturing practices.

Our cloth nappy library / hire is also an affordable way to dip your toe into cloth, at $1 per nappy per week, the price of cloth nappy rental through Australian Cloth Nappy Rental is comparable to the price of purchasing disposable nappies over the hire period. It also means you don’t make the mistake of purchasing a large and expensive stash of cloth nappies only to find that they don’t work you or your baby. Utilising a cloth nappy bank such as ours means the mental load of starting out is gone and you can start successfully and easily!