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Disposable vs reusable. Why it doesn’t take any more time?

Posted on: May 5, 2023 by
Katharine Brennan.
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So you’re looking into Cloth Nappies? Well you’ve come to the right place. Here at Australian Cloth Nappy Rental we want to arm all parents with the right knowledge to make the right decisions when it comes to their babies.


For me the biggest deterrent to start using modern cloth nappies was my time. Time, you know that thing you used to have pre-baby? When you could lie in bed and scroll through Instagram, take leisurely walks and wash your hair? These days it’s more of a munch on toast, whilst pushing a pram with 6-day greasy hair and ain’t nobody got time for anything more.

But, hear me out.


Is disposable really easier?

Modern cloth nappies have been designed for the modern family, aka the time-poor, full-time working, too many take-away for dinners fam-bam. And when it comes to reusables vs. disposables, it really doesn’t take that much extra time.


Using your Nappy

With so many brands and styles of cloth-nappies available it’s really about finding which one will work for you. The basic modern-cloth nappy consists of a PUL/plastic shell and then an absorbent “layer” which could come in the form of a prefold, an insert or even a press-stud piece, and is fastened using press studs or velcro.

When you find a style that suits you best, putting them on your tot is a breeze. By trialing some of Australia’s best nappy brands from a nappy hire service you can trial and test different styles and versions to work out which ones are best for your family.


“Extra time” to do + 0mins


Washing the Nappies

Often the most daunting part of modern cloth nappies is washing them. When you first begin your routine it can seem a bit overwhelming. However with a personalised washing routine, put together for your washing-machine and detergent, you can easily plug it into your daily routine.

Australian Cloth Nappy Rental encourages a simple wash routine, using chemicals and heat to cleanse your nappies.

The wash routine involves a pre-wash and a main-wash. The pre-wash uses a “quick wash” cycle option. A pre-wash is done regularly (think every night) to rinse the nappies. Once rinsed, you can then add them to your normal wash of smaller items (think baby clothes, face cloths etc).

Yes, this is an extra step, however when it comes to a baby there is always a wash going, so its really easy to add your pre-washed nappies to a main wash.


“Extra time” to do + 15mins


Storing your Nappies

Once washed and dried, your nappies need to be “put together”. Depending on the style., this could mean the “stuffing” the pre-fold or insert into the shell, or simply clipping the insert in. This prep time makes it easier to use the nappies, having them ready to go when needed. Additionally having the right storage system, such as keeping your nappies and wipes in the drawer or basket on your change table is a great way to save time.

Plus, there is no more dashes to the garbage bin, or using those “scented” nappy bins, so bonus points there.


“Extra time” to do + 8mins


Buying new nappies

Here’s something, now that you have these reusable nappies, you don’t need to be running out to the shops to buy new ones. That’s right, no more of those late night.. “Honey, you’ve got to do a supermarket dash”.


“Extra time” to do – 20mins


Total “extra” time : 3 mins. But let’s be honest, your washing machine is doing most of the work here.


With the right nappies and wash routine, you can actually save time. So who knows you might even get to condition your hair, or drink a warm beverage with all that spare time?


Want to find out what nappies will work for your family? Start your trial today.

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