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Why you should try different cloth nappy brands?

Posted on: May 4, 2023 by
Katharine Brennan.
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Over the weekend I had the pleasure of looking after my gorgeous niece, the daughter of our Australian Cloth Nappy Rental co-founder, Lucy. As it turns out, she’s a “heavy-wetter”, with a tiny waist, and a big appetite for water. Plus, she’s a she. All these minor differences added up to us having a few leakages in my son’s nappies.

This is why it is so important to try different brands and styles of reusable nappies. The closure style, absorbency, and waterproof cover all combine to create the perfect, personalised nappy for your tot. Which means that some brands will be more suitable to some tots than others. Using a Nappy hire service, such as the packages we offer, is a great way to experience a number of brands and styles.


So what can you do to get your perfect nappy:

Check the fit:

All nappies fit differently. this can be due to their closures, or by-design. Some are trim, some are bigger. There can be quite a lot of discrepancy. But there are a few basic checks you can do, if you’re having leaks, time to check the fit, particularly around the thighs. Pull the nappy through your tots legs stretching the elastics into the leg crease to get a close fit around the legs. Make sure you can fit 2-fingers into the waistband . And perhaps most importantly make sure you tuck any absorbent material into the waterproof shell.

When you’re new to cloth nappies, getting the right fit can be a bit daunting. That’s why our nappy hire packs come with all the information you need to get started, including a fit-guide.


Check the absorbency

As you are probably becoming aware, there are a few different styles of nappies (if you’re new to this, check out our blog here) and the style can often dictate the absorbency. However, it really depends on what you’ve got in there. There are a few common materials for absorbency inserts, which are measured in capacity (to hold liquid) and speed (the time it takes to absorb); hemp, bamboo, cotton and mircofibre. That’s why nappies such as the Alcmena, which layer hemp and bamboo take advantage of the capacity of hemp, and the speed of the bamboo to quickly draw the urine away from tot, and then onto the hemp which will absorb lots. Similarly, Microfibre is the “speediest” but remember microfibre isn’t suitable to be against baby’s skin so should be used in pocket styles.

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Know where the absorbency needs to be

A tummy sleeper vs. a back sleeper, a boy vs. a girl, these all require tweaks to your nappy setup. Ideally your nappy is one where you can manipulate the absorbency, either via additional inserts (such as the Grovia nappies) or through folding the inserts to increase layers where you need them (like the BabyBare nappy). Generally speaking tummy sleepers and boys tend to need more absorbency at the front, where as girls need it between their legs and back sleepers at the back. Don’t be frightened to play with your inserts to get the best option for yourself. Kate has been known to create a ‘franken-nappy’ when her daughter is going through a very heavy wetting phase by using inserts from one brand or style of nappy in shells of other nappies.

Find the ONE that works for you

The best fitting nappy is one that you (and anyone changing your tot) can use easily. Whether you’re a velcro fastener family (like mine) or prefer a side-snapping, all-in-one, it’s really all up to your personal preference. You should take the time to try, and experience multiple styles and brands. Which ones are absorbent or trim enough for your liking, and keep your tot happy and dry. Consider drying time if you live in a wet or cold climate for half of the year. some require more work to put together than others, some have more variety in collectable style prints. In a country full of options, we can help you find the right one for you and your family.

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