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What to do with the number twos!

Posted on: May 4, 2023 by
Katharine Brennan.
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It’s one of the first questions that come up when people learn that we use cloth nappies.


DID YOU KNOW… it shouldn’t be that different from disposables as the directions actually specify you to dispose of poo into the toilet before binning the nappy. Plus, it’s a bit kinder to the poor garbage men.


Firstly the easy part, newborn poop. Breastfed newborn poop is completely water-soluble and will come out in the prewash no dramas. For all you awesome formula Mummas, don’t stress, all you need to do is remove any chunks and throw it in for the prewash as well. If you find you are getting staining, reach out to us to tweak your wash routine.


And beyond newborns, for the most part, cloth absorbs the moisture, making the solid stuff… well exactly that, even more solid. So it can be easier to flick it into the toilet.


For messier moments, there are a few options


These are either reusable or disposable. The liquid passes through, leaving behind your number twos, and hey presto, dump it into the toilet and wash your liner, or dispose of it in the bin.


– Or scraping. There are a few tools of choice here*, some use pate or butter knives, silicone spatulas, paint or putty scrapers, and even the occasional teaspoon. *Please make sure that whichever you choose it is dedicated to this one job and doesn’t find its way back to your kitchen… ughhhh

The Dunk Method

– Best used in combination with reusable liners. You flick what you can into the toilet, and then, with a firm grasp on one end of the liner (or nappy), flush the toilet and let the water do the dirty work for you as it rinses it all away.


– Exactly as it sounds, grab a silicon dish brush, nail brush, or something else bristly, don some gloves (or use your skin if you are cool with that), and get the hot water going. Some people prefer to add soap to the mix, others just use water. Then dry pail with the dirty nappies until prewash.

Spray your worries away

This is an add-on attachment that you can purchase from the hardware store and attach to the toilet. It’s known as a toilet spray or bidet spray and you can use it like a garden hose to power rinse your nappy clean

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Typically in our household, we flick what can be flicked and dry pail until it’s time to run a hot prewash. I’ve yet to have any problems with this method, although we are only now starting to get messier teething poos (not sure why the first lot of teeth skipped this, but I’m glad they did). When it is really bad I expedite my prewash with the offending nappy any others that have been hanging out for a prewash.

What do you do with your nappies? Need some help with dealing with number two’s? Reach out and we can help you.

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