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What I’ve learned about using Newborn Nappies

Posted on: May 5, 2023 by
Laura McConville.
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My newborn is officially 6-weeks old, and fast growing out of his newborn clothes. This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to use newborn reusable nappies, after starting on cloth at the 7-month mark with my (now 3year old) first born.


As an experienced cloth nappy user, I thought I knew everything, but when it came to my newborn, there were a few nuances that I needed help with (thankfully I have our fit-specialist, Kate available at all times).


Newborns wee a lot

You’d think given this is not my first baby I’d have known this, but 3-years is a long time between changes. Newborns eat a lot (mine insists on a munch every 2hrs) and so expel a significant amount of liquid and poo. This means reusable or disposable, they need to be changed frequently to avoid leaks and nappy rash.


They change shape quickly

Obviously newborns grow quickly. This means changing shapes, bigger tummies, larger thighs, and longer bodies. This means your nappy putting on constantly changes too. Luckily reusable nappies have multiple snaps, risers to grow with your tot.


It’s OK to go part-time

I’m a huge advocate for cloth nappies, running the business and helping so many families with their cloth journeys. However I also know how tough the fourth trimester (first 3 months) with a newborn is. There have been many a day or night that I’ve run out of time, or patience and have resorted to a disposable. In fact last week, with a sick 3 year old, fussy baby and rainy weather I resorted to disposables for a few days! Do what works for you. Every reusable nappy you use is one less disposable in landfill.


Some newborn poo is stronger than others

Some newborn poo seems to stain or “shadow mark” the nappies more than others. Breast milk or formula, it’s really dependent on the baby. My little one leaves a few “shadow marks” on our nappies, which are light grey stains on the nappies after the main wash. I’ve been combatting these by following a great wash routine and adding an adoption all spritz of sard to them after their prewash.


Different styles suit different babies

What really surprised me was which nappy suited my newborn. I had used Velcro nappies (almost exclusively) for my 3-year old, so assumed they would be my preferred option. However the nappies that really suited my new son, were the very flexible, BubbleBubs. His skinny waist and chubby thighs were very unlike my other son. Being able to try a few different brands and styles, even as a newborn, allowed me to see which ones suited my son best, instead of experiencing buyers remorse.


But above all, I’ve learned to enjoy those gorgeous little cuddles and smiles, and keep it simple. Full time or part time cloth, this newborn stage is so short, and I don’t want to miss a thing.

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