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What do I need to start my modern cloth nappy routine?

Posted on: May 4, 2023 by
Katharine Brennan.
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What do I need to start my modern cloth nappy routine?

So, you’ve decided you want to use reusable nappies. Now what? The first time you head onto google can be a little overwhelming, “AIO” “OSFM” “Pockets” “Prefolds” its like learning a new language (check out our lingo blog here if your mind is still blown by these acronyms).

There are also so many sites suggesting you need this, that and more, which can also seem a little daunting, and then you’re left here wondering if it really is all too hard.


Never fear, Aunty Sarah is here.


A nappy library (yes, some more lingo) is like a hire service with everything you require for a full time modern cloth nappy routine, including;



– A full time newborn is very different to a full time 3 months or older baby, think the number of changes, size and also absorbency. Our newborn kits use newborn specific nappy brands, to ensure that not only are they absorbent and can do the task, but are also soft against that very newborn skin. A standard “library” for a newborn would include 24 nappies, however at Australian Cloth Nappy Rental we know you are doing more changes, so our newborn kit includes 30 nappies to ensure you’re covered. Once your child is approximately 3-4 months they can typically fit into a “OSFM – one-size-fits-most” nappy, and you’re usually (fingers crossed) doing a few less nappy changes. This means a typical library has between 18-24 nappies. At Australian Cloth Nappy Rentalwe ensure you have 24 nappies, which is approximately 3-days worth of nappies, give or take a poo-nami.

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Wash setup/routine

– washing cloth nappies is probably one of the main reasons most people don’t dive into cloth. It can seem as if you are drowning trying to understand how to keep cloth nappies clean and sanitary for your tots bum! To simplify this, we include a customised wash routine designed for your life. We use your own washing machine settings and the laundry powder you love. It’s as simple as set and forget! We know its not just the wash routine that can seem a little overwhelming, its often the setup for your change table and where to put your nappies that have been pre-washed and are waiting for the main wash. That’s why Australian Cloth Nappy Rental sends out the nappies in a basket so once your nappies are pre-washed, you’ve got the perfect dry pail to keep them smell free and ready for their next big date with your washer. We’re here to help make this transition smoother than your tots bot . Because, if you get it down, you can almost save time, with no more dashes to the bin with smelly nappies, or late night supermarket runs to buy more nappies . Don’t believe me? Check out our blog on disposable vs reusable here.


Wet-dry bags

– while these are not essential to kick starting your full time reusable nappy life, my experience is that they can certainly enrich yours (and your tots’) experience. A wet-dry bag is just that. It’s a reusable bag which allows you to carry wet and (wait for it)… dry items. This means you can carry a new nappy, plus some extra clothes in one section of the bag, and then there’s a waterproof zip-up section to store used nappies. And because we think they are so great, we’ve included them at no extra cost in our trial kits.

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Reusable cloths

– similarly to the wet-dry bag, these are definitely not essential, however we’ve found that they can be far-less abrasive on your little tot’s bum being made from organic materials and using fresh water, plus, can be easily added into your nappy wash routine. Most brands come with essential oils to add a scent to the water, and some provide “travel” bags so you can take them out with you. Check out our Cheeky Wipes range which you can add to your check out.



– As discussed in our “Getting to know your reusable nappy” blog- these items are useful when you are expecting a poop, or maybe you’re out and about for the day. They can make “flicking” the poop a little bit easier too. Plus some brands, (GroVia) provide thicker liners, which can be used as a compostable disposable liner for your nappy, making holiday travel times just a bit easier.

a27d24 d41bc84dbd7140eea821a9bc86f03534~mv2 Cloth Nappy Library

And that’s why a nappy library is a great place to start. It allows you to trial a number of brands and styles and workout which ones work best for you and your family. Plus you are supported every step of the way, with a personalised wash routine, heaps of accessories, a fit card and an optional extra virtual consultation setting you up for success.

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