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Just a bit of jargon – Glossary Blog

Posted on: May 4, 2023 by
Katharine Brennan.
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So we promised no Jargon, and we mean no jargon, however, sometimes acronyms are essential and there is no better replacement to describe what we mean (Just like LOL or ROFLMAO). So here we’ll try and explain some of the essential jargon and acronyms, much like you explaining LOL is not “lots of love” to your in-law.


– Lets warm up first with an easy one, Modern Cloth Nappy. This one is used to differentiate between your old school cloth nappies, where your Mum would fold a piece of terry towelling and secure with a pin.


– Probably as common as LOL, this one stands for One Size fits Most. It’s used to describe MCNs which size from (just about) birth to toilet training. Using the snaps, rises and side snaps, these MCNs can adjust to fit most tots.

PUL cover

-PUL(Polyurethane laminate) is a waterproof cover also known as a shell for your cloth nappies or liners. It is usually either lined/sandwiched between two layers of fabric (think your BabyBare Minkies) or left exposed on the inside of the diaper. Find out more in our Blog – “Getting to know your nappies”


All-in-One, This nappy comes in one piece, such as your Peekaboo by BABY BARE nappies. This means there is no shell or liner to separate from, just toss it in the pre-wash (and make sure your velcro flaps are folded down).


All-in-Two, the most common MCN design, which often includes an outer shell and a detachable insert for absorbency, which can be snapped in, or tucked into the pocket of the nappy. Our packs have a number of AI2 MCNs, including Grovia’s, Designer Bums and Alcmena’s.

Pre-wash vs Main Wash

Often the most confusing part of MCN routine. The pre-wash is the 40-60 degree wash with a detergent that removes the majority of the soiling and prepares your nappy for the main-wash. We recommend you run that every 1-2 days. You can then store them in your dry pail (provided with our Nappy Packages) until your Main Wash. A Main Wash is run every 2-3 days and includes your pre-washed nappies & wipes, baby clothes, tea towels, and other small items.

Side or Front Snap/ Rise Snaps

These are the closures which are used to adjust the nappy around the hip and thigh. Side or Front snaps are the press-studs that snap around the hip area or the front of the nappy to adjust the width of the nappy. The Rise snaps are those front snaps (see below) which adjust the fit of the nappy around your tot’s thigh.


Minky is a super soft variety of light fleece microfibre fabric which is made from 100% polyester, used in a few MCN products, such as BABY BARE and Bubblebubs.

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All a bit too much still? We’re by your side to make this your easiest transition yet. With free fit-guides and personalised wash guides in every order, plus our add-on virtual fit-call for anyone on a modern-cloth journey and needing a supportive check-in.

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