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How to set up your change table for success – Cloth Mum’s share their nappy storing tips

Posted on: May 4, 2023 by
Laura McConville.
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How to set up your change table for success – Cloth Mum’s share their nappy storing tips

Any Mum will tell you a well-organised change table is imperative to a quick and successful nappy change. So how do you set up a change table for cloth nappies?


There are so many ideas and options, we’ve canvased our friendly cloth Mum’s and posted some below, see if there’s any here that can help you get started in your home.

Beautiful nappy change table setup in muted earthy tones showing modern cloth nappy storage and dry pails

Image courtesy of Maddy Love

There are three key storage areas you need to consider:


1. Nappy (plus accessory) storage –Nappies, cloth wipes, lotions and potions for bottoms and antibacterial gel for keeping your hands clean. Think about all the items you use for a nappy change and keeping everything you need at arms reach.


2. Dirty Nappies – where and how will you dry pail your nappies until they are ready to be prewashed? We recommend dry-pailing to avoid smells and keep your nappies in their best condition while they wait to be washed.


3. Prewashed nappies – after a prewash nappies need to be dry pailed again until your main wash day. Typically this is in the laundry space in a basket with lots of holes to allow for lots of airflow.


Nappy Storage 

Storing your nappies, wipes and creams can be done using shelves, purpose-built change tables, or a chest of drawers depending on the space you have and how you like to operate. I personally use a chest of drawers because it’s easier for me to stay organised and if everything falls apart, the mess can be easily hidden.


Dirty Nappy Storage

The first image is my own setup, my two dry pails house (1) dirty nappies for the day and (2) baby clothes until I have a main wash day. Having quick access to your dry pail when changing a nappy can be life-saving, especially during the crocodile roll phase! With the basket, I can toss in and move on to the clean nappy.


Looking for a dry hamper you can hang off the side of your change table? Alex cleverly repurposed a bicycle basket!


Rachael has maximised airflow to her nappies with a basket that is more holes than basket, #drypailgoals! This allows lots of airflow to combat smells.


The last image is Lori’s excellent set up with a large hamper on wheels. It can easily be rolled to where it is needed, or out of the way, and then into the laundry for washing. 

Prewashed Nappy Storage

 After you’ve pre-washed your nappies we suggest you dry-pail them again until main-wash day. This storage requirement can often be the trickiest, especially if you have limited space in your laundry. Here are a few ideas our friends have shared with us.

Wendy has used a narrow set of wire baskets to make the most out of a narrow gap in her laundry, or like Rachel, you can hang these baskets on your wall.

If you have a very visible laundry an alternative might be to hide your nappies in plain sight in a very decorative basket. Or just keep it simple, my dry pail set up in my laundry uses the same style as the dirty nappy dry pails but a different colour to differentiate prewashed from dirty.

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