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Getting out and about with your newborn

Posted on: April 23, 2023 by
Laura McConville.
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Getting out and about with your newborn

Sometimes, especially with your first baby, you get lucky and life can stop for a few weeks, while you are completely immersed in the newborn bubble. Which can leave you feeling desperate to return to some parts of the real world, and perhaps a little overwhelmed about how to make that happen. Other times you haven’t had a chance to stop, but are still finding it a little tricky to juggle your newborn, anyone else in the family, and the huge amount of stuff that seems to be necessary for such a tiny person. It seems the smaller they are, the more things you need for them!

So today we have put together some tips for getting your tiny new bundle out the front door with everything you need.

A Nappy Bag

– This is a huge market.

There are a lot of options, but if I’m completely honest, it can be just about anything. Some people prefer the organisation that comes with many pockets and compartments, others prefer to provide their own compartments by using wetbags, tupperware, snap lock bags, and the occasional hair elastic around a change mat. Do what works for you, but my ultimate pro-tip, when your bag is empty, its ideal if it doesn’t weigh a tonne, you are going to be putting a lot in there!


– If you have other little ones, I’m sure you have the snack options covered, however let’s remember, if you are the parent of a newborn, you are probably pretty sleep deprived, snacks are the energy saviours to push you through those first few weeks of chaos. I remember pocketing the biscuits that came with my tea in the hospital, and had those on standby as emergency cookies. I also love museli bars, protein balls, any kind of lactation cookie for you breastfeeding mummas, bananas or if you prefer, snack sized chocolate bars. Also, don’t forget to pack your water bottle. It’s so easy to end up dehydrated because you are so focused on your perfect, tiny, person, but water is so important for you, especially those of you who are breastfeeding.

Change mats and a change of clothes

I’d like to pretend that I just mean a change of clothes for your little one, however if any of you end up with a baby with reflux like mine, you will feel the benefit of having a spare top or whole outfit tucked away in the car, bottom of the pram or at your parent’s place. For your little one, a change of clothes in case of spit up, leaks or explosions is always handy. Depending on how long you are headed out, consider multiple options. I used to keep 2 extra onesies and multiple bibs (such bad reflux!) in my wet/dry bag as a standard. Also, bring a change mat. You will want something you can easily fling into the wash between your precious babe and any public change table. We provide gorgeous change mats in all our rental packs, but it can be helpful to have more than one so you can alternate when one is in the wash.

Packing cloth

Here it is, the reason you are here. This is where it differs from the disposable game. It is a simple one, instead of throwing in your single use nappies, chuck in 2-3 newborn cloth nappies. In my experience, it differs in two major ways.

  • Instead of having to hunt out the appropriate bin to throw your nappy in afterwards, or feel awkward about leaving a dirty nappy in a family members kitchen bin, just pop it into your wet bag to join your pre-wash later.
  • You are going to get compliments and comments, maybe even a few questions. I’ve found that when I change a cloth nappy in front of a non-cloth user they end up asking me questions or commenting on how beautiful or easy the cloth nappies are. If you run into another cloth user out there in the wild, they are going to be excited about whatever beautiful pattern you have wrapped your sweet little angel’s tushie in. Now if you are elbow deep in a nappy change or overwhelmed trying to make adult conversation for the first time in a month, a small smile or a comment about newborn life if usually enough to move them along, but if you’ve been hanging out for a chat, congratulations, your gorgeous nappies have broken the ice for you πŸ˜‰
  • Your wipes situation, are you using single use wipes or cloth ones? There is a difference with these when you are moving out and about. Disposable wipes can be kept in your bag for your next adventure, but you’ll need to either find a bin to discard the used ones or put them in your wet bag and remember to throw them out before you chuck your nappies in the wash. Wet cloth wipes will go mouldy if they are left in the nappy bag too long. You can either leave a dry stash in your nappy bag, and use your drink bottle to wet your wipes on the run, or empty the bag when you get home, and refill before you venture out again. Once you’ve used them, throw them into your wet bag for a later pre wash. Pro-tip, reusable wipes are incredibly absorbent, meaning you often only need one wipe, where a disposable would have taken 4-5.

    Feeding time items, if you are formula feeding, bottle feeding, using nipple shields or breast feeding, all of these will require some kind of prep, even if you are lucky enough to get by with just your own water bottle. I used to need to pack nipple shields, a dummy, a feeding cover – even from a young age my little one struggled with focusing on the task at hand, breast pumps and bottles, and a water bottle for me. It varied week to week and trip to trip, but consider what you might need to make feeding time successful when you aren’t at home.

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